B. A. (Bachelor of Arts) 

  • The B.A stream of education develops the ability to think critically, effective communication with the society or conduct research on the subject expert topic. 
  • B.A. stream helps the students get a fair idea on civic society, constitution, economic environment etc. & thus helps to develop minds of students towards creation of healthy society.
  • As compared to other streams the B.A. stream develops the students towards creative writing abilities and thus creative communication of society keeps on enriching.
  • Skills of Research are developed in students while pursuing B.A. program for those who pursue teaching carrier. 

B. Sc. (Bachelor of Science):

  • Students possess the knowledge to define, explain and demonstrate the major concepts in the biological and Physical Sciences.
  • Students use proper laboratory techniques in biological Sciences and can determine the appropriate level of technology for use in: (a) experimental design and implementation, (b) analysis of experimental data and, (c) numerical and mathematical methods in problem solution.
  • Students become able to communicate their scientific knowledge in oral , written and computational modalities
  • Student also demonstrate ethical conduct in scientific activities.
  • Students demonstrate the ability to read, understand and critically analysis of scientific information.

B.Com. (Bachelor of Commerce):

  • The students become able to understand principles, concepts of Accountancy and tactics of marketing.
  • They become able to learn the Banking Regulation Act.
  • Besides that they understand the provisions of the Companies Act and Banking Regulation Act.
  • They demonstrate the depth knowledge on the provisions and amendments of Income tax.
  • Students will be able to explain the fundamental concepts of Auditing.

B. Ed. :

  • The B.Ed. program gives the trainee teachers an overall view on how education should be imparted to the students and the ability to engage with different types of students to understand their ability of learning in various situations.
  • B.Ed. program also trains the trainee teachers on the mode of communication with students with respect to teaching so that students can understand everything effectively like oral recitations, graphical presentations, quizzes etc.
  • To develop the overall personality of the trainee teachers through curricular & extracurricular activities so that they can also work on all round performance of their students. 

M.A :

  • Master’s degree makes the students Master of their chosen subject with command on all the aspects of the subjects
  • Master’s degree can be used as a stepping stone before applying to doctorate level programs.
  • Master’s degree helps the students to develop a reasonable & analytical approach towards development of new concepts
  • As of Master of the subject, the students get more confidence on the subject & thus helps them to debate, discuss & convince other people on new thoughts & help the society get more view points on any subject.